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    Training ride 1/3

    14. 4. 2019

    Before the 14th International DHL Sereďmarathon 2019, we have prepared a few test laps for racers who planed to race, but also for the general public. The first one took place today on the 14th of April. We watched the weather forecasts every day. They reported rain and wind, but in the end, the situation get better, none of the forecasts came true, and cyclists drove in pleasant 14 degrees even with occasional sunbeams. At the start in Hlohovec we met riders from Sereď, Trnava, Hlohovec, Piešťany, Hrnčiarovce and other destinations. :-)

    Medals were prepared for the first three fastest on the Havran Mountain Premium. This time for the medals fought and on the winner’s podium stood, on the 3rd place Peter Pulino Pullmann, 2nd place Matúš Andel and 1st place Patrik Zavadil. The guys worked hard and took home apart form medals also the traditional Horalka from our sponsor Sedita.

    The riders were refreshed, strengthened and continued along the route. Thank you to all the cyclists who have taken the time to join us today. Transport partner Redcars & Blackcars for the car that accompanied us during the training, cyclists from around Hlohovec for promotion, Lucka for supplementation of drinking regime and Sedita for energy.

    Photos can be found on this page.

    We are looking forward to the next round. Follow our club Facebook for the latest info.

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