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    Press conference

    8. 5. 2024

    In the article, you will find:

    • What was presented at the press conference
    • The full transcript of the press conference
    • The current number of available starting spots for both the main and children's races

    With less than two weeks remaining until the start of the races, we have organized a press conference where individual coordinators presented their areas and activities to look forward to.


    Route and Prizes

    The most anticipated topic was the specific route. The route totals 122 kilometers, with the first 4 kilometers being a ceremonial ride through the city. The race will take place on a 118-kilometer route. Traffic and road safety coordinator Dominik Tvrdý elaborated on the situation: "The route was presented during training rides, and those who participated had precise information beforehand. It will start in Sereď at Námestí Slobody, and this time it will go in the opposite direction to Horný Čepeň and then to Šulekovo. Then, through the reconstructed bridge to Hlohovec and towards Piešťany via Sokolovce. This year, we finally managed to arrange the route through the climb to Havran. The road will continue downhill to Nitrianska Blatnica, Veľké Ripňany, Merašice, and before Hlohovec, it will turn to Pastuchov. The journey will continue to Alekšince and through Rišňovce to Bábo. From there, it will be mostly downhill until Sereď at Námestie Slobody."

    "There will be two mountain and two sprint prizes along the route, which will be scored. Each mountain prize will also include a buffet. The main buffet will be at the mountain prize Havran, where cyclists will be served with water bottles, fruit, energy gels, magnesium, salt, isotonic drinks. The second bonus buffet, where bottles will not be served but it will still be possible to replenish energy, will be near the village of Lukáčovce. Sprint prizes will be in the village of Banka and the second one near the village of Rumanová," explained technical director Erik Štefanek. The partner for the mountain prizes is the company Elektromontáže Mládek. Sprint prizes are covered by another main partner, Technov.

    Scoring and prizes for the winners of the prizes can be found on this page in the section - proposition.


    News 2024

    The top news that came more or less unexpectedly are the Bonus Plus packages. How did they come about and what do they contain? "It's a novelty that came unexpectedly, so to speak. We had a list of things and services that we wanted to gradually implement. The idea came up to make packages out of it. So we prepared 3 versions from the more affordable version to the more demanding VIP participants. Everyone could choose what extra bonuses they wanted. Personal number, personalized text, more tickets for the raffle, extra hydration, a pack of fresh coffee, priority lunch service, extra photo service, extra starting position, merch, and other items," explained service coordinator Tomáš Poláček. The estimated number of packages was exceeded, which organizers are happy about.

    More prizes for women are another novelty; we added categories for ages 34 and over. We divided professional and hobby women (and also men). As a result, their number increased, and we are now at number 13, which is probably the highest in the history of the race.

    Expansion of ranked positions in the overall standings. "This year, the number of rewarded cyclists in the overall standings has increased to 10. Each cyclist will receive material prizes and a financial reward, which has also increased not only in this TOP10 but also in other competitions. In total, up to €1,360 will be distributed to the best men and women," said coordinator of registration and economist Barbora Javorová.

    Cyclists who come from afar can take advantage of accommodation in hotels, where we have more favorable prices. You can read more about this in the article dedicated to this novelty.



    How many spots are left? The races are sold out! This filled status came even before registration was supposed to close. It's excellent news for the organizers. There are still a few spots left in the competitions held in cooperation with partners Autoprofit Galanta and the new exclusive partner AJ Produkty. Likewise, after communication with the main partner, DHL, a few more spots have been added above the requests. Therefore, those interested have one last chance. Registration on this page - link.

    Catering will be provided by U právnika from Trnava. Cyclists will be able to choose lunch according to their taste, and children will receive waffles with whipped cream and fruit for their performance.

    Children race

    Children's races are also gradually selling out. There are about 20 spots left. In 9 years of organizing children's races, there has been progress, expansion, and improvement, and there is interest in these races. Each child will receive a starter pack containing a gift, valuable items, a sweet surprise, lunch for their performance, and a tombola ticket - which is essentially the starting number. There will also be a program, music, and competitions. Registration and more information on the children's races website.


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