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    Find out more about us and the biggest bike race in Slovakia

    The history of the races

    The history of the race dates back to 2006 when the first year of this race started in Slovakia. The idea of organizing cycling race came from the cycling enthusiast and founder of the cycling club ŠK Cyklo-Tour Sereď Dušan Holbík. Together with a few other friends they formed an organizational team and gradually began to speak with different partners and gain experience, which they tried to improve every year. The route and the profile of the race changed every year to better suit once the devotees of the hills and another time, the planes. Although the beginnings were difficult, they gained their supporters step by step.


    As cycling progresses every year around the world and it is becoming an increasingly popular sport for all ages, we need to continue this trend with the Sereďmarathon, too.In recent years, the preparation of the race has become more detailed and begins almost the next day after the event. Every year, the organizational team constantly innovates technology, repairs, safety, and services for competitors. The race route remains the same with a length of 116 km and includes both plains and hills. The competitors pass through 2 regions, 5 districts, 23 villages, and 2 towns. The main organizer of the event is still the ŠK Cyklo-Tour Sereď cycling club with the support of the town Sereď and various Slovak and foreign partners. The whole track is provided by volunteers, bikers, state and municipal police. The race is included in the UCI calendar which also adds prestige to it. Apart from Slovaks, competitors from other countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Russia, England, Romania, and Slovenia also took part at the start.

    In addition to the main race, there is also organized a children's race called Sereďmaratonik. The number of children in the race increases year after year and today their number closes to 100. Children can race in different categories and win interesting prizes, whether in a raffle or in various competitions.

    Although the founder of these races Dušan left us forever (in 2018), he will remain in our hearts forever. We would like to continue this tradition.


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