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    Bonus plus packages - who they are intended for and their benefits.

    1. 4. 2024

    In article:

    • Innovation in cycling?
    • Who is eligible for bonus packages?

    Every year, the organizer brings innovations or improvements. Some innovations come hand in hand with changes to which organizers must respond. Trends in the sport, restrictions, regulations, or feedback from participants are behind them. In recent years, this has been, for example, due to road reconstruction (modified race route), shortening the process of distributing starting packages (the distribution of packages has been extended to 2 days), or speeding up registration (transition to an online form). As mentioned in the previous article. The 18th edition will also have its improvements.

    Bonus services

    The organizer must respond to constantly increasing market prices. The usual reaction of the organizer is to pass on the costs to the racers through the entry fees. "We want cyclists to be able to compete regardless of whether they can afford it or not. Therefore, we try to find various financial alternatives and partnerships to protect racers from higher entry fees and not shift all the costs of the races directly onto them. One of the partnerships will be the introduction of a new Exclusive partner," explained the financial situation Lukáš Riha, race director.

    However, the outputs from the last survey, which the organizers conducted last year, and also the requirements of cyclists are interesting. "We have therefore come up with an innovation that could meet the requirements of cyclists in the form of Bonus Plus packages. Such bonus packages with extra services and rewards have not been registered with organizers at Slovak or foreign cycling races. If there is interest in the Bonus Plus packages, we would like to build on them in the future," explained the coordinator of services Tomáš Poláček.

    In the first wave until March 15, racers will save 30% on the entry fee. These funds are then used for Bonus Plus packages.

    What do bonus packages contain and who are they for?

    The individual items in the Bonus Plus packages contain the most frequently requested items or services to which organizers have added more. They are divided into 3 packages Bonus plus STANDARD, Bonus plus GOLD, Bonus plus VIP. Each has its price depending on the costs associated with the individual items in them. "We didn't want to significantly increase the entry fee for all racers and offer bonuses to all cyclists, or racers, who don't want them. We went the way of choice. Racers can decide for themselves whether they want to use these services and rewards when registering," explained registration coordinator Barbora Javorová. "The good news is the interest in Bonus Plus packages. This innovation is currently used by more than 20% of registered participants. Maybe out of curiosity," she added in one breath.





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