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    All news and information about the 17th year

    11. 4. 2023

    In the article you will read:

    • What innovations from previous years remain and which will be added to them this year
    • There will be changes that you will definitely notice
    • The limit for both events is also this year
    • New partners have joined, what benefits will it have for you?


    May is associated with sweet heart cherries, the month of love. In our presentation, it is love for our passion - cycling. A few days after the end of the 16th year and the feedback from the competitors, we opened a clean page in the notebook and started working on the preparations for the next year, which will start in a week on May 21.

    Every year is different. Whether it's new collaborations with partners, organizational team members, news and improvements, or the route, we're always facing new challenges. Each one of them moves us forward and we try to make the most of it to create the best sports day for the cyclists and to enjoy the race.  


    News from last year that took over

    Relax zone

    Last year, in cooperation with the general partner DHL, we created a place for the competitors on the square, where they could take a rest after the race, review the progress of the race, or just lie on the tulivacs and relax. This year too, we will create this relaxation zone for you again, we will even make it a little bigger and add new services.

    Coffee from the barista and beer/radler after the race

    A cup of freshly prepared coffee before the race or after reaching the finish line from a professional barista from Bozinroastery? Why not?! Coffee and cycling go hand in hand, and that's why we want to treat you to it. You will again be able to choose between ristretto, espresso or cappuccino. The choice will be yours. There will also be freshly tapped beer or radler from the craft brewery Žiwell or the well-known Birell brand waiting for you.

    Delivery of packages also on Saturday

    The time before the race tends to pass faster than it seems. Just get out of bed later and the morning plans are already shifted. If you want to spend more time before the race preparing, getting started, or just having a nice morning coffee with friends you haven't seen for a long time, we recommend picking up your package a day earlier. On Saturday, you can pick up your starter pack at Náměstí Slobody between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. In addition, you will receive an extra gift as a bonus.

    Infopoint and Fresh zone

    When is the start? Where are the premiums and trackside buffet located? Where can I find the toilets? When is the evaluation? You also tend to ask these questions, although we have already communicated them and they are also available on our website. We will be happy to remind you of them again. Useful information in one place is always useful. We have created an infopoint for you. At the same time, we have combined this service with a fresh zone, where you can refill your water, take an ionizer, energy gel, bar, fruit and other food.

    Live info

    Not everyone made it to the race and would like to have up-to-date information on what is happening on the track. We have therefore created live info on our page, where we will once again add current news to you. This news also had a positive response and we will be happy to continue it.

    VIP zone

    The race also includes a special place with extra access for partners and guests. With us, it's right next to the finish line, so partners can enjoy the finish of the competitors with a glass of sparkling wine in hand and also enjoy the final decoration of the winners. We created this zone for the first time last year and it received positive feedback. We also want to thank our supporters in this way.

    News 2023

    What would a vintage be if we didn't come up with something new. Although sometimes we don't even plan it, the situation eventually calls for it. Sometimes even a small stimulus is enough and significant changes or additions of news are already taking place.

    Registration only online

    Since we value each and every competitor, whether in the main or children's event, we want to create equal conditions for them. In the past, registration was also on-site on the day of the race, but with the increasing number of participants every year, we had to change some things, including the registration system. We want every participant to have a full package and get it out as quickly as possible. We already introduced it in the main races last year. We have now implemented the same measure for children's races, as almost half of the children registered on the day of the race, resulting in long registration lines, nervous parents and late starts. We believe that starting this year, the distribution of packages for children will also speed up and the queues will be shorter. In the same way, it will be possible to pick up the package a day earlier for children between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

    New categories for the evaluation of women as well

    Not only the overall winner, the best mountaineer or sprinter, but also the overall winner, female mountaineer, sprinter and, most recently, the best female cyclist under 25 will stand on the podium. There are still fewer women racing than men, even if these numbers are gradually increasing in professional cycling as well. We try to motivate even a gentler audience to participate in the race. We believe that it will only increase every year.

    Live broadcast on the square

    This will probably be the biggest challenge and novelty of this year. An LED screen will be placed on the square, on which visitors during the children's race will be able to watch the situation from the main race live for the first time, as is the case, for example, at the Okolo Slovakia race (only there will be no helicopter footage, at least not this year :-) ). We believe that it will turn out as well as possible from a technical point of view and that the audience will enjoy this footage.

    Changes will also occur with the diet

    The changes will also affect lunches. This year, one restaurant from Trnava, namely U právnika, will prepare for the participants of the main and children's races. Competitors will again have a choice of several types of meat and non-meat dishes. Also, children will come to their own. After the race, a delicious waffle with hot fruit and chocolate topping will await them.


    An inseparable part of the race are partners who help us financially or materially to ensure the race. Without their support, it would not be possible to run any races, or only in a limited mode and of very low quality. The ideal connection is a partner who has a relationship with cycling or sports as such. Then cooperation is easier to negotiate.

    You know the long-term event partners. This year there will be a change in the position of the main partner, where Elektromontáže Mládek from Nitra took over Oliva's place (in previous years it covered mountain premiums). This partner is even one of the main partners of the ŠK Cyklo-Tour Sereď cycling club, which is also the organizer of the DHL Sereďmarathon and the children's Sereďmarathon. Another new partner is the company Autoprofit Galanta, which will take over this year as the official partner for the vehicle park and will also participate in games and competitions for children on the square. It is also the company Kubík, which is a new partner in the children's race and, in addition to the mascot, who will entertain in the square, will contribute products to the packages for children. Vitamins will be taken care of by other new partners Vaša larkereň and TOTO pharma, which will supply effervescent vitamins and also magnesium. There is also new support from partners Bemicon (construction consulting company), AJ Produkty (equipment for offices, warehouses, changing rooms, schools, workshops). Although we closed the partnerships for this year to fulfill the media plans, we still have new inquiries, which makes us very happy. We are currently negotiating with another well-known partner, who will be especially appreciated by visitors to the Relax zone.

    At the end of the year, we participated in a conference where the topic of major sports events in Slovakia and their sustainability was discussed. We also presented our events there, which the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee was interested in and therefore decided to take over their patronage, which is really great. So it is possible that they will look for new Olympic talents among the children. ;-)

    Limit pre preteky máme takmer naplnený, preto si nenechávajte registráciu na hlavné preteky a detské preteky na posledný deň.

    We believe that the weather will be beautiful and sunny this year as well, the competitors will enjoy this cycling holiday in Seredi, the winners will enjoy the prizes and other cyclists a valuable raffle, which will be waiting for them again at the end of the event.

    We are looking forward to you . ;-)


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