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    Press conference 2022

    6. 5. 2022

    The race is approaching

    The cycling club ŠK Cyklo-Tour Sereď in cooperation with the city of Sereď and its partners are also preparing this year's event for cyclists, the 16th year of the main and the 7th year of the children's race. Every year, the organizers try to take the event to a higher level and prepare something new for cyclists. The same is true this year. New prizes, more financial rewards (prize money) and new categories are prepared for cyclists, which will also be appreciated by female cyclists.

    News 2022

    Several changes have taken place this year. One of them also touched the route itself. Due to several traffic restrictions, the route goes more towards the Nitrian and Topolčian districts, thus bypassing the famous climbs to Havran near Piešťany and Šianec behind Hlohovec, which were able to significantly select the cycling peloton. In total, the route will be 129 kilometers, of which less than three kilometers will be traveled at a ceremonially slow pace through the city. However, the route will be easier in profile. The start will be in Seredi at Slobody square and will continue to Šintava, Pata, Báb, Rišňovce, Alekšince, Zbehy, Merašice, Horné Otrokovce, Radošin, Nové Sady, Zbehy, Rišňovce, Báb, Pata, Sereď námestie Slobody.

    There will be three speed premiums and two mountain stages on the route. The speed premium will be in the villages of Rumanová, Merašice and on the way back again in Rumanová. Mountain premiums will be in Horny Otrokovce and Radošin. Cyclists will collect points on the given premiums. This year, men and women will be evaluated separately. With this decision, the organizer wants to involve more women in the race. In addition to the overall winner of the DHL Sereďmarathon, we have also added a new competition - the best rider under 25 years of age. In addition to the jerseys, the winners will also be awarded financially, with a cup or in-kind prizes.

    During the race, cyclists will be able to have refreshments on the square before and after the race in the Fresh zone, which will be part of another innovation, the Infopoint. After the race, there will be a variety of food to choose from.


    Last places for registration

    Although there are still two weeks left until the race, the number of free registrations up to the limit of 300 is decreasing. Less than 50 places remain. Registration is open until May 19. After this deadline, even on the day of the race, registration will no longer be possible.

    For each registration, the participant will receive a starter pack full of valuable items. In addition to a limited edition cycling bottle made from biological materials obtained from sugar cane, it will include a starting number, a chip, a packet of fresh coffee, water, energy gels and bars, a ticket for a cup of fresh coffee, draft alcoholic/non-alcoholic beer, lunch, raffle, online results, service before and after the race and much more.

    Children's race

    This year, the 7th year of the children's Sereďmarathon will also be part of the main race. Children will be able to compete with each other in 5 categories. Girls and boys will be evaluated separately. This year, Sereďmaratónik will be able to register online as well as on-site. Online registration has just started and will be available until May 19. Its advantage is the lower price of the starting fee and the guaranteed content of the starting package. The price of online registration is 2€ and the price will be 4€ on the spot, but with this option the contents of the package are not guaranteed. The children's start pack will include a start number, chip, online measurement, cycling bottles, a ticket for a waffle with whipped cream and a children's raffle, a drink plan, a medal and other items.


    There will be a virtual ride this year as well

    Since not everyone dares to participate in the race, the organizers are also preparing a Virtual ride for cyclists this year. During the entire month of June, it will be possible to walk the route of the marathon, either in its entirety or just a section. By registering for the event and recording their ride, they will receive a package with non-material prizes and various products directly to their home from the organizers. In addition, there will be a raffle after the event with a chance to win valuable prizes.

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