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    Jubilee 15th year is already in preparation

    14. 7. 2019

    A few days ago, information about the next year of Sereďmarathon has appeared on the Internet. Therefore, we would like to briefly outline some basic information.

    >>You can read about what the last year looked like in this article.  If you do not want to read, you can watch the video of the race and the children's race. :-).

    Date of the race

    Although it is a long time to the next race, an event of this type is prepared much more in advance than other events. Of course, it depends on what you expect from it, how you want the racers to feel and how the whole background of the start and finish looks like. The date of the jubilee year is planned and discussed with the Slovak Cycling Association to be on May 24, 2020. We have also been promised by other organizers that they will not plan their race on this date, what could attract even more competitors to the start.

    News 2020

    As in every year, we want to prepare a few "innovations” and news. Of course, what specifically, will still not be revealed, respectively not this soon. We must first consider all options and then incorporate them into the whole preparation process. We would like to keep the ones we prepared for the racers in the 14th year  as they received a positive response.  

    Children´s races (Sereďmarathonik)

    Children's races have been part of the main race and accompanying program for five years. Every year, more and more children stand on to the start line, which makes organizers very happy. This year there were over 90 of them. Children can race with each other. They are divided according to their age into 4 categories. Every child gets a starting pack full of valuable prizes from our partners, sweet treats and snacks. Upon arrival, they will receive a medal. Until the racers return from the main races, there is a children's raffle prepared for children, as well as competitions in the square and a relaxation zone.


    Options for cooperation and propagation

    We are glad that right after the race we have got promises from several partners, who want to support the race next year, as well. There were even new ones. Of course, there is also a space for cooperation and attention for other partners. You can promote your products, services, or the company/firm itself through a promo stand in the square, hostesses, or things for racers in starting packages, raffle prizes. We will be happy to discuss all the details with you, just write to our marketing marketing@cyklosered.sk or contact us on phone at tel. no. +421904/430214.

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