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    Basic information

    What is "virtual ride" during current situation?

    Mass events or sports events are not possible to take place in usual form. That is why we want to give riders the opportunity to compete in these difficult times. We have prepared an alternative which anyone can join anywhere and anytime.

    The point is that you can race during pandemic in a special way. You just have to ride a road bike or mountain bike in certain period. You cannot ride an electric bike, exercise bicycle or bike rollers.


    The advantages of virtual ride:

    You can choose whenever you want to ride,

    You don't have to undergo PCR test or antigen test,

    You can do the same circuit several times,

    You can choose your own part of selected circuits,

    You race in a weather conditions that you prefer (in the morning, after work, in cold or warmer days).


    Why join the virtual ride?

    Although the race was cancelled or rescheduled you can race,

    We will deliver you the great starting pack,

    Each racer has the opportunity to win a valuable prizes in raffle,

    Each racer get a -10 % voucher for lower ticket to Sereďmaratón 2021.



    The Virtual Ride lasts:

    1.7.2023 – 30.7.2023

    You can ride during the whole month any day you want, from work or to work in chosen circuits in Slovakia or other country. It is up to you.


    Registration soon...

    Starting kit

    Each racer who join the virtual ride or enthusiast for cycling that support us, will get the starting pack containing:

    • Special gift – cycling socks,
    • Nutritional products from Monk Nutrition Company,
    • Energy gel or bar,
    • 2 raffle tickets,
    • Sweet surprise from Sedita Company,
    • Sanitary packet which we deliver to you.


    The starting pack will be delivered to the address which participants put down in registration.


    Starting fee

    The starting fee is 10 €. This sum covers expenses of event, starting pack full of valuable prizes, special gift and raffle. Each new circuit demands an individual registration which means that another starting pack will be sent.

    Online registration with the possibility of payment via internet is possible till 31.07.2023 23:59!

    Account number (IBAN): SK9809000000000201755426, Slovenská sporiteľňa

    Variable symbol: This is the ID code which you will get in confirmation e-mail in online registration. In case of other form of registration put down your date of birth: DDMMYY. In the Note box, you need to write your name.



    The route consists of two circuits or any circuit that you choose. You can choose whether you do one or both circuits or your own. It is possible not to take part in any circuit in case you want to try to win in raffle or get the starting pack J.

    There is only one condition if you want to choose your own circuit. You have to ride at least 10 km.

    If you want to

    > attend one or both chosen circuits of Sereďmaratón,

    > compare your performance with others,

    > compare your performance with your last year's.



    > You only can ride the circuits in given direction,

    > START and FINISH must be the same as then,

    > You can compare rides via Strava application (a start/finish is according to the official Strava segments for both circuits).


    You can download the application in this link for Android and this one for iOS.


    Piešťany circuit  


    42.84 km – elevation is 617 m Strava segment

    • The map of Pieštany circuit gpx for download (scroll down)


    The route is through these villages:

    Koplotovce, Jalšové, Sokolovce,  Ratnovce, Piešťany, Banka, Havran, Radošina, Ardanovce, Šalgovce, Orešany, Horné Otrokovce, Tepličky.

    The route in detail:

    - It starts behind Hlohovec in the crossroad Tepličky – Koplotovce

    - Then go ahead to Koplotovce

    - Keep the High Street through Koplotovce, Jalšové, Sokolovce, Ratnovce till Piešťany

    - In Piešťany turn right to Banka where Havran hill starts

    - In the beginning of Radošina turn right to Ardanovce

    - Keep the High Street through Ardanovce, Šalgovce, Orešany, Horné Otrokovce, Tepličky

    - This segment ends where it started in Tepličky


    Sereď' circuit

    67.75 km – elevation 645 m Strava segment

    • The map of Sereď's circuit gpx for download

    The route

    Šintava, Šoporňa, Pata, Báb, Rumanová, Rišňovce, Alekšince, Lukáčovce, Pastuchov,  Hlohovec, Bojničky, Dvorníky, Vinohrady nad Váhom, Šintava

    The route in detail:

    - This segment starts in Šintava behind the bridge over Váh

    - In the crossroad (Vinohrady nad Váhom/Pata) go straight to Pata

    - In Šoporňa near the church turn to Pata 

    - At the end of Pata go ahead to Báb

    - Keep the High Street in Báb, Rumanová and Rišňovce

    - In Rišňovce is crossroad (Hlohovec/Nitra), turn right to Nitra

    - After 3 km is crossroad (Alekšince/Nitra), turn left to Alekšince

    - In Alekšince on the second crossroad through railway (Zbehy/Lukáčovce), turn left to Lukáčovce

    - When you enter Lukáčovce, go straight to Pastuchov till crossroad (Piešťany/Hlohovec) in hill where you turn left to Hlohovec

    - Keep the High Street and behind the railway turn left

    - After about 300 m turn right to paving street and in the end of street is crossroad where you will turn left

    - After about 350 m in front of the cemetery is another crossroad (Nitra/Sereď-Bojničky) where you will turn right. Go straight to Bojničky

    - Keep the High Street in Bojničky, Dvorníky, Vinohrady nad Váhom

    - The last village is the one you started in - Šintava

    The evidence of ride

    If you want to enroll your ride and be in a final list, there is one condition. You have to ride a bike not only in virtual form. During ride in the circuit, that organizer specified in given direction, you will turn on your tracker/application (Strava, Garmin, Racemap or other that collects GPX coordinates – your time and route). In case you choose your own circuit, it is necessary to send report of your route or photo from cycle computer where the needed data will be saved.

    To the registration form of evidence that you will receive write down:

    1/ the places of start and finish

    2/ time of your ride

    3/ GPX file with data about your route or link or photo from cycle computer, so that we can check the ride

    4/ add your photo before or after ride



    • cycling issue
    • cycling kit
    • cleaning equipment
    • champain for a week
    • energy bars and gels for 30 days
    • cycling wear
    • ...

    We have prepared the raffle full of great prizes for each racer and the ones who support us. Each starting pack contains 2 raffle tickets. You can win prizes like:


    A virtual ride goes on regular traffic without patrol cars. Riders have to keep all traffic rules. You will race at your own liability and risk. The organizer is not responsible for racers' damages. Also damages that are made by racers are not in compatibility with organizer.

    The organizer reserves the right to change this schedule.




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